Great Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Dog Restarant BlogDog owners always want the best for their furry friends, from mentally stimulating puzzle toys to consistent grooming appointments. But when it comes to dining out, our four-legged friends are
often left at home. Thanks to the Paws on Patios initiative, there are select establishments around town where you can enjoy an afternoon on the patio with your dog at your side. In that list of restaurants are some of the best…
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Five Perfect Houston Backdrops for Your Next Photo Session

Houston is a city full of personality that’s in no shortage of places to snap an interesting photo. No matter which side of the camera you’re on, there’s plenty of inspiration to be discovered. It takes a local eye to scout out vibrant art, relaxing greenery, and captivating architecture around town. These five picture-perfect locations are ideal for special announcement photos, an updated family portrait, or an Instagram-worthy selfie.

Water_Wall_-_3-1One tried and true location…
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Travel in Time at these Throwback-Themed Bars

A meeting over drinks is a pleasant chance to reminisce, but also a wonderful opportunity to create new memories. There are a number of elements a bar curates to create an atmosphere that sends us straight into another time. Music can perfectly encapsulate the zeitgeist of a generation. Historic décor gives us a peek into a different era of aesthetics. A classic cocktail can bring you closer to the roots of a cultural region. Each of these five spots is a nod to the…
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Houston Hideaways for a Staycation Day

Everyone deserves to get away once in a while, but sometimes we have to settle for something a little more local. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to splurge or unwind without giving up a little hard-earned indulgence. It won’t take an extended vacation to satisfy your sweet tooth, excite your inner pop culture enthusiast, or release some endorphins. If you need a miniature escape, just take a little time out of your day to sneak off to any of these five local spots.

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