SOUND SMART FOR GAME ONE: The Rockets playoff guide for casual fans

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Congratulations, Houston. The second most disliked team in the league finally made it to the regular season finish line, drawing a first round showdown with the Utah Jazz in the process. Sunday night marks the start of the Rockets’ quest to erase last season’s heartbreaking postseason conclusion–one that still seems statistically impossible.

But we’re not here to talk about that.

We’re here to get primed for some sweet first-round playoff action, and once again I’m shouldering the…
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Houston, We Have A Future


H-Town. The Bayou City. The Southern Capital of Cool. Or, just Houston. The largest city in Texas began as plots of swamp land sold to 19th-century buyers. Those buyers weren’t aware of the region’s notorious summer heat, mosquitoes, and alligators. Now, 183 years later, Houston has overcome its questionable beginnings to take a place on the world stage. The city’s prominence is about to get even bigger as developers, business and people move here. Here’s a…
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Fill Your Calendar with Fun

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March is here and, as usual, the month brings the beginning of spring and the fun and exciting events that come with it. Included below are just a few of the many things you can partake in the near future. If you click on the title of the event you can find out more information about the event. Enjoy!

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New research indicates that 25% of all households with broadband internet are planning to buy smart video doorbells this year. With over 80% of the US households having broadband internet, you can see that 2019 will have a sizeable amount of people “getting smart.” To keep with the trend, we bring you an article with the latest smart tech additions to make to your home. As usual, click the name…
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