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It’s no secret a large part of job satisfaction has to do with finding a company that cares for their employees. With this in mind, I would like to offer a personal inside look as to what makes Heritage Texas Properties a company that cares.

This blog writer has been working at Heritage since March 2017. It has been fun, gratifying, and an enriching learning experience and, to my surprise, an unexpectedly heart-warming experience.

My first feelings in regards to Heritage Texas Properties being special began in our very own marketing department. We don’t miss a birthday, a momentous occasion, or a celebration. And with a good sense of humor and genuine care, we are always there to help each other. It isn’t like your typical “going to work.” It feels more like going to see your auxiliary family. Our VP of Marketing, Jaclyn will probably agree since she’s been coming here since she was a little girl. That’s not to say it isn’t the same outside of our department walls. As a matter of fact, you would be hard-pressed to not bump into leadership or a manager that doesn’t spend some time asking you how things have been. It feels great working in a place where so many people care about you.

Another fond moment was my experience during what many would consider a trying time for anyone in Houston. For many Texans, Hurricane Harvey wrought havoc in our lives. During the hurricane, an incessant stream of Heritage communication via WhatsApp, Facebook, text message, and phone call as a support network was born overnight. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had employed a messenger pigeon just to cover their bases. After Harvey, I was blown away by people’s generosity and support during the recovery process. At Heritage, it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of the company or the guy writings blogs in the marketing department. People naturally roll up their sleeves and get to work helping each other. In this instance, we had people doing hard labor cleaning up flood damage, others giving and distributing all manner of donations, and some going as far as housing those in need. To me, it spoke volumes about the people I work with every day. In times of need, I know I can count Heritage.

The day I had an epiphany of sorts was a little company gathering one Tuesday in September. Who knew a baby shower could mean a lot to me? I am a male in my mid-20s so it might not come as a surprise that I’ve never attended a baby shower. So when I heard we would be holding one for our beloved Office Administrator Amanda Serrano, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I ended up feeling a great sense of gratitude and joy that day. Not because I find baby showers to be particularly fulfilling but more due to Heritage and its people having found a way to surprise me with kindness yet again. At the shower, there was cake and punch, there were gifts, and there were smiling co-workers and friends which definitely looked more like family than anything else. That gathering marked the moment where it all clicked for me. That was the moment I realized that I was blessed to be here. Surrounded by countless caring professionals with a very endearing sense of empathy. This was the lucky workplace so many people seek out.


Heritage is a company that cares. From our creed to the way we handle business, right down to our very core. We don’t just provide a good service. We give you our strength. Us.


In a market that will always be about service and commitment, we dedicate ourselves to providing you the very best. Our People. Our Strength.

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