Are you moving into a new house with your eyes on some “fixer-upper” projects? Or maybe it’s just time for you to tackle those updates you’ve been visualizing.

Home upgrades can quickly add up and get expensive. In addition, some upgrades will flat out cost you thousands more than others [looking at you, countertops…]. But worry not! We’ve compiled a collection of inexpensive, DIY upgrades which you can tackle today!

Change Out Those Switch-plate Covers

You know the covers around switches and outlets? You can easily get a fresh white look and ditch the old and yellow covers you have. If you want to get creative you can look for decorative covers or go for stainless steel in the kitchen.

Change Up the Lampshades

This may seem like a small change but it makes very big difference and immediate impact! Just make sure you keep the décor cohesive throughout the house.

Set the Right Light Around the House by Getting the Right Bulbs

Soft bulbs that emit a yellow/red undertone are what you want for your “hang out” zones like the living room. Bulbs with blue undertones are best for study zones such as offices and libraries.

Update Your Blinds and Curtains

Personally, we really like the look of thicker wood blinds and they’re more resilient than vinyl. Curtains are also very good if you prefer a darker room and more personal feeling.

Change Your Doorknobs, Handles, and Hinges

Cabinets and doors gain a LOT from this quick and easy hardware upgrade. It’s a great way to feel an immediate modern design change.

Install Crown Molding, Baseboard Trim, and Doorway Trim

Repaint your trim or install it for the first time. The extra detail is a touch of décor that really brings a room up a level.

Use Peel-and-Stick Contact Paper with Stainless Steel Finishes on Appliances

This gives you the modern look you’re going for without the astronomical price tag. Your appliance will have a stainless steel façade at a fraction of the price of the real deal. No one will know the difference!

Repaint Your Walls, Change Your Wallpaper, or Repaint your Ceiling

Re-energize your home by bringing in a fresh coat of paint. Wallpaper is trending down so it might be worth tearing it down and trying your hand at painting the walls.

If bold is your style, try soft & neutral colors on the walls while going bold on the ceiling.

Hang New Photos or Art on Your Walls

Hang new photography on the walls to add some personal touch or add some photos to your kitchen. By the way… when was the last time you updated your picture frames?

Hang More Mirrors and Grab Some Small Decorations

Light reflects! Increase the light travelling throughout your home by hanging some mirrors. They are also great for decoration.

You can also grab miscellaneous mini-decorations to decorate areas like your kitchen or coffee table. Small plants, coffee table books, coasters, or themed decorations.

Slipcovers and Pillows

Add some decoration to your furniture with slipcovers and new cushions. It’s a fun way to bring new colors and patterns to the room.

You Walk All Over Them

Doormats, living room rugs, bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs! Don’t forget you tread on these regularly so check to see if you need to replace the ones that are worn out!

Keeping the Restroom Looking Fresh

Bathroom sets and shower curtains are our next recommendation for replacement. You can grab those on the way home.

Burn Candles or Incense, or Use an Air Freshener

Refresh your atmosphere with new scents to help you relax. Keep an air freshener in your closet like this blogwriter so you always smell like Spring!

Clear Your Clutter!

Don’t hoard! Clearing up items laying around the house will clean up your spaces and also potentially contribute to a garage sale.

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