A spectacle for any fan of the holidays, holiday light decorations in Houston have a knack for inspiring wonder and spreading joy. Whether you prefer visiting a local event or taking drive through a glittering neighborhood, there are plenty of occasions for everyone to get in the holiday spirit. If you’re curious to see a few of our suggestions, please continue reading! Happy Holidays!



Moody Gardens Festival of Lights – If you read our last blog, you’ll notice we mentioned this fun festival already. This is one of the best light displays in Galveston and it comes with many more activities to enjoy! Just remember, you will need tickets.

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Zoo Lights – A months-long holiday hosted by the Houston Zoo which features a park covered in light displays! Until mid-January, guests can visit this zoo at night and stroll through the park while enjoying s’mores or hot chocolate. Most animals will be asleep but keep an eye for the giraffes. They’re probably still awake and waiting for Santa.

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Magical Winter Lights – Down in La Marque, TX is a spectacular winter festival that adds its multicultural flair to traditional holiday light shows. Back for its fourth year at Gulf Greyhound Park, this lantern festival showcases truly impressive creativity distributed among eight fascinating themed sections. Nightly acrobatic performances, authentic arts and crafts, amusement rides and games, and even a dinosaur exhibit make this holiday destination a must-see!

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River Oaks – Huge oaks draped in lights and mansions with beautiful displays bring magic to an already alluring area. Home to Houston athletes and politicians, the grandeur of this luxurious neighborhood is only magnified during the holidays. If you’re driving through, we recommend you visit Inwood Drive and the River Oaks Country Club.


The Heights – Much like River Oaks, the Heights is already a well known neighborhood that represents a piece of Houston’s essence although it offers more of a quaint vibe. It’s not unusual to see people walking as much as driving through these charmingly lit streets. The seasonal festival, Lights in the Heights, is also hosted here every year!


Panther Creek & Alden Bridge – Hidden amidst the trees of the Woodlands, are entire magical streets covered in twinkling displays. In particular, the neighborhoods with sparkling reputations are Panther Creek and Alden Bridge. Here, music and moving decorations can be found, which make for an enchanting choreography while you visit their streets. There are plenty of visitors so don’t expect to rush through. After all, it is meant to be a relaxing drive through a winter wonderland.

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