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New research indicates that 25% of all households with broadband internet are planning to buy smart video doorbells this year. With over 80% of the US households having broadband internet, you can see that 2019 will have a sizeable amount of people “getting smart.” To keep with the trend, we bring you an article with the latest smart tech additions to make to your home. As usual, click the name of the product to find out more about it. Enjoy!


Smart DoorbellsNest Hello

With an HD video camera, microphone, and speaker, Nest Hello can turn any visit to your door into something similar to a skype call via your smartphone. Providing both convenience and safety, you can greet people, such as delivery drivers, from miles away or catch pesky intruders on tape with this smart doorbell.


Smart SpeakerAmazon Echo
Have you met Alexa? This now famous Amazon assistant is the voice of the Echo smart speaker that resides in your home ready to take your voice commands. Have your Echo play music for you, schedule appointments, make phone calls or send text messages. Thousands of commands are programmed into this smart device with the sole purpose of making your life easier.  Alexa also has plenty of Easter eggs such as movie quotes, tv show references, and dad jokes for you to enjoy.


Smart LightsLutron Caseta
Arguably the best-performing smart switches on the market, the Lutron kit allows you to control the lights in your home from anywhere. In-wall light dimmers and remotes let you set your home’s lighting, however, if you’ve got an Amazon Echo, you can also control it using your voice. There’s plenty of other helpful features including a security mode to make it look like you’re home when you are not.


Smart ThermostatEcobee4

To remotely control your home’s temperature via smartphone or Echo integration, The Ecobee4 is the smart tech for you. With convenience in mind, the responsive display, remote sensor, and many smart integrations of this smart thermostat will make energy savings a breeze for its user.


Smart Vacuum  – Ecovacs Deebot N79S
Smart Vacuums tend to get a little expensive, however, the Deebot N79S is a relatively affordable alternative that brings a long battery life, manual steering, a strong clean and Amazon Alexa compatibility to your home. Are you seeing the “smart trend” yet? Just imagine, you can let your vacuum assistant roll around the house and clean for you while you take care of other things.

Pet CameraFurbo Dog Camera
This one is for the pet lovers. If you need to keep an eye on your favorite pet throughout the day to keep them from getting in the trash or simply you can’t get enough of that fluffiness, invest in a pet camera. Furbo’s dog camera is particularly special in that it offers a way to toss treats to your fur baby. The treat tossing doesn’t take away from the other capabilities though as it comes with a full HD Camera with night vision and a 2-way chat that sends notifications when your best friend sends barks.

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