Invest in your Home’s Exterior

The property around your home should magnify the beauty of your home.  There an infinite number of options for making your property beautiful and functional.  We have a chosen a couple to get your started!

If you’re thinking of buying a pool, then we think you should definitely consider an infinity pool!  The pools look beautiful and natural to your home and landscaping.   The pool is designed with an invisible edge so the pool disappears into the horizon behind it.  This must have for any…
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Tis the Season for Decorating!

Are you feeling the pressure of decorating your home for the holiday season?  We have some easy decorating tips that will surely fetch a lot of compliments!

Start your decorating with an easy touch-up to your mailbox.  You can wrap a sheer ribbon around the mailbox and fasten it with safety pins.  Once this foundation is secured to your mailbox you can add little details like pine cones and berries.  A large bow will surely grab attention as well!

One of the most common and fundamental…
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Home Safety

Home safety extends past routine inspections and a security alarm. Homeowners all over the country are looking to protect their investments, livelihoods, and most importantly, their family.

Don’t worry about turning your home into a fort; protection doesn’t have to equate to metal bars on each window. One very elegant, but protective method, is planting rose bushes underneath side windows. The roses will compliment your home but also may deter anyone thinking of trying to sneak through a window. Another low- cost intruder deterrent is…
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Home Buying Tips for Millennials

Are you a millennial who may be looking to purchase a home within the next five years? Are your children or grandchildren close to buying their first home? Millennials are becoming the driving force of the economy with billions of spending power. We’ve compiled some tips and advice for any millennial getting ready to purchase their first home!

Your home purchase may be closer than you think. We highly recommend doing some independent real estate research in your chosen market. Many renters come to find…
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