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808 E Court Street
Seguin, TX 78155
  • Direct: 830.743.0522
  • Cell: 830.743.0522
  • Fax: 830.303.0073

A woman of boundless energy, impeccable reputation, insatiable curiosity, limitless vision and great passion, Celina Ross brings innumerable talents to her job in real estate.
     A resident of Seguin since very early childhood, a number of events in the years immediately before and after her graduation from Southwest Texas State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and major in Management, had great impact on her life’s course. To begin with, she reconnected with her husband-to-be, Mickey (whom she’d known since 6th grade), and rebuilding efforts after the October flood of 1998 inspired them to start a construction company.  
     It was then that real estate found her! It only took a few months of building homes to realize that she wanted to be the one selling them and, by 1999, she’d earned her real estate license. “There is no greater satisfaction than selling a product to an excited buyer who appreciates that product that you spent so much of your time constructing” she says.
     Although her incredible talents allow her to do many things, her specialty is listing and selling on the water.  A contractor since that 1998 flood, building homes and waterfront improvements on the lake has given her a keen understanding of FEMA guidelines and a first-hand education on the building process of waterfront properties, certainly an edge in this area. She can explain what’s necessary in a manner that is not intimidating and is easy for Buyers to understand.  
     With her construction background and rental properties of her own, property management is another area in which she excels. Yet another strength is her ability to give creative input when working with buyers contemplating modifications to a home but might lack the vision to see the possibilities, and discussing improvements that will generate a greater return on their investment.  
     Celina calls Mickey is her “absolute best friend” and says the fact that they have worked together successfully for all these years is a true testament to their relationship. They have two daughters, Jade and Gia, who share their love of water sports. Mickey was a pro Jet Skier for years and an impressive wakeboarder, and Celina’s passion is the stand-up paddle board.  Needless to say, summer is the family’s favorite season.
     “I am a real estate selling, nail driving, wood carrying, dog/cat/goat/fish/turtle owning mother of two. I love getting dressed up and showing property, but there is something very gratifying about putting on a pair of work jeans and building the most beautiful deck over the water’s edge. But, I am a mother above all. I attend almost all of my daughters’ games and strive to make home-cooked family dinners. A balanced schedule is important to me.”
     Part of maintaining that balance is in giving back to her community, which she does in abundance. Besides being a member of the Seguin Main Street Advisory Board, charged with evaluating buildings in Seguin’s Historic District and revitalizing Seguin’s downtown, she is also an active member of CULP (Citizens United for Lake Placid). After the June flood of 2009, she proposed and spearheaded a telethon to raise money for a lake clean-up. The telethon was a hit, Celina and Mickey got the contract to clean the lake, and it was ready and opened up in time for the 4th of July!  

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