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Northwest/Vintage Park

102 Vintage Park Blvd. # C
Houston, TX 77070
  • Direct: 936.577.0836

Chris Joyce is a world traveler having moved several times within and outside of the country as a result of his father's oil industry career. The experience gave him the ability to adapt readily to any situation and connect easily with people of varied backgrounds and cultures, a valuable skill for a Realtor in the diversity-rich greater Houston area. Chris, an eager team player who describes himself as an honest, dedicated and very level-headed self-starter, wants his clients to know they will be treated like family and he will look out for their best interests throughout their Real Estate transactions.

Before joining the Real Estate field Chris worked in security for several years. He was trained to watch crowds to spot individuals who might be trying to cause harm. He learned how to handle high-stress situations, to think on his feet, to solve problems quickly, and to build solid relationships which he believe prepared him well for his role as a Realtor. In Houston now for several years, he has become familiar with many parts of the city and is committed to being a subject matter expert for any area his clients want to buy or sell homes.

Born in Odessa, Texas and in addition to Houston, Chris has lived in Katy and Huntsville, Texas, Pakistan and Cairo, Egypt where he graduated from high school in front of the Pyramids of Giza. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sam Houston State University, is a member of Phi Delta Theta and speaks Arabic conversationally. He has recently completed the Ninja Selling system and looks forward to implementing what he learned.

Chris and his wife Jessica have two small children. Chris enjoys being with friends and family, the outdoors, sports and hunting. He belongs to Ducks Unlimited, a leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

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