Northwest/Vintage Park

102 Vintage Park Blvd. # C
Houston, TX 77070
  • Cell: 713.724.4007

Gay Lynne Sorrells has a three-pronged approach to ensuring her clients have a remarkable home buying or selling experience. She asks the right questions; listens to them carefully; and acts quickly to address their goals, wants, needs or concerns. Dedicated to providing high-quality service, she is committed to keeping her clients informed throughout the real estate process and working tirelessly on their behalf.

Before joining the Real Estate profession, Gay Lynne stayed home with her children many years and homeschooled them for six of those years. In 2007, she and her former husband launched Bryan Farm which raises whole fryers and sells them to restaurants and hotels in Houston. She believes the abilities that made her a successful entrepreneur which include discipline, initiative, and competency in managing all aspects of business translate well to Real Estate. So does her strong work ethic, honesty, thoroughness, empathy, and desire to help others during crucial times in their lives.

Gay Lynne is a native Houstonian. She studied at Texas A&M University and attended the Champion School of Real Estate. She enjoys spending time with her five children, four of whom are married, and soon-to-be six grandchildren. She is greatly influenced professionally and personally by her 91-year-old paternal grandmother and 94-year-old maternal grandmother, with whom she lives. Both modeled and taught her selflessness, a giving spirit, the importance of family, showing gratitude and thankfulness, the value of ongoing learning, a love for reading, and standing for what is right.

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