Photo of Emiley Sepulvado

Memorial Green

12505 Memorial Dr. Suite 245
Houston, Texas 77024
  • Direct: 713.724.8032

A resident of Houston’s Rice Military in Houston’s inner-Loop, Emiley Sepulvado comes from a family with deep roots in Texas.

Emiley decided to be a Realtor when she was in the fourth grade in her hometown of Austin, Texas. “I aspired to be like our next door neighbor whom I often helped with her networking parties for her friends in real estate,” she says. “When I was 18, she reached out to me to see if I was interested in working for her. After working as an agent-assistant during the summers while I was in college, I decided to pursue real estate as a career.”

Emiley graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor of business administration in real estate and entrepreneurship. “My passion for business goes hand-in-hand with my love for real estate,” she says.

That academic background in business and real estate, and wide practical experience gained as an agent-assistant to a seasoned, luxury real estate producer, enables Emiley to view the buying and selling process from a business-oriented mindset. 

Emiley prioritizes building long-term, lasting client relationships based on honesty and integrity. She works hard to earn trust and confidence, and to establish herself as her clients’ “Realtor for life.” Detail-oriented and driven to succeed, Emiley practices excellent, constant communication with her clients, believing that communication is the key to a successful transaction.


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