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Post Oak Park

1177 W Loop South, # 1200
Houston, TX 77027
  • Direct: 713.227.5406

A native Houstonian raised in the Memorial area, with detours to La Grange for high school and San Marcos for college before returning permanently, Kate Donegan loves showing off her city as she helps families get to the next stage in their lives (whether upsizing, downsizing, moving from a townhouse to a home with a yard, or vice versa) and find the perfect home that fits their needs.

She enjoys talking to people and listening to their stories, challenges, hopes, and future dreams, and hopes that she can impact them in a positive way. An extremely hard worker, Kate works well under stress and is an excellent multi-tasker able to stay organized and on top of everything during a transaction, keeping ahead of potential problems. She has a cheerful disposition, remains calm and level headed in crisis, and always thinks hard about a decision before she makes it. She is excellent at negotiating with people and, sensitive to the needs of others, finding a good middle ground.

At age 17, Kate landed a part time job as a receptionist in a real estate office and immediately sensed that she wanted to be a real estate agent. Mentored by the agency’s broker/owner, Kate learned many valuable lessons, including the importance of diplomacy in stressful situations.

Kate went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in art history with a minor in advertising, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Texas State University. Included in that combined study of art and advertising was a familiarity with architectural styles, interior design, and landscape design, as well as advertising and marketing techniques (for traditional and non-traditional media outlets), all of which are an asset to her career as a Realtor.

An avid art lover, Kate is a member of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and is both a member and a volunteer with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She is also a member of St. Anne’s Catholic Church, where she takes great joy and comfort in participating in youth volunteer opportunities helping those less fortunate.

The passing of her father when Kate was a young teen was a life-changing experience and brought her even closer to her mother who worked extremely hard to provide Kate a wonderful life, and through whom she gained a new appreciation for living life to the fullest. All who have the pleasure of working with Kate are the beneficiaries of her dedication and passion.

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