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Memorial Green

12505 Memorial Dr. Suite 245
Houston, Texas 77024
  • Direct: 720.326.7301
  • Fax: 720.326.7304
French, Japanese


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Susan Windemere's knowledge of the market allowed our non-profit organization to lease space that was ideal for our needs and a good fit for our budget. I recommend Susan and look forward to working with her in the future.

Tom Jones


"As the Master of Ceremony for our annual NC CEO Forum for the last several years, we have been thrilled with both the level of enthusiasm and the dynamic presence Susan Windemere has contributed. Each year she has successfully facilitated a day of exciting and noteworthy national and regional professional speakers. Susan is an energetic and sagacious professional with a natural, intuitive ability that enables her to engage in the topic of the moment."

Marilyn Jones


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