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808 E Court Street
Seguin, TX 78155
  • Direct: 817.675.4292
  • Cell: 817.675.4292
  • Fax: 830.303.0073

TAMANDRA ELLIOTT (MANDY) REALTOR® Tamandra Elliott, who prefers to be called Mandy, is living her dream and greatest achievement as a Realtor. A former caregiver for 14 years, she connects easily with her clients and is committed to making sure their real estate experience is positive from beginning to end. As a student of interior decorating and person of many interests when it comes to homes and properties, Tamandra sees more than meets the eye and helps her home buyers and sellers see the bigger picture. This strong, motivated, hardworking, devoted professional and creative marketing strategist loves homes and people. She will work day and night to help make the dreams of all of her clients, particularly those of veterans, come true. Tamandra was born in Midland, Texas and currently lives in New Braunfels, Texas. She has a diploma in interior decorating and stays active in Real Estate continuing education to be able to help her clients in any situation. A commissioned Notary Public, Tamandra also acts as general manager for Dickey's Barbecue, her father-in-law's business, during her free time which allows her to connect with current and potential clients. She is married to a veteran, her "rock and best friend," and they have four children who are Tamandra's greatest motivation to keep pushing forward and following her dreams. She has a younger brother and sister who she helped raise after they lost their parents. Tamandra never lets a day go by without thanking God for her many blessings and for giving her another day...another chance. Tamandra is genuine, very caring, and always wearing a smile. When she is not making her clients and family happy, Tamandra enjoys painting, building, woodwork, designing, decorating, and landscaping. She is involved as a volunteer in her community doing what she does best - jumping in wherever she is needed.

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